The Penultimate Truth
Who am I?

I'm Floris, among many other things I'm a hobbyist that has experimented with computer music, from the Netherlands. I've played piano in the past, but got bored with it. During law school I felt an urge to do something more creative. Around 2000, I started looking for software to create house music with, a genre I had always been interested in. It just always seemed that you needed loads of equipment to be able to make it yourself so I hoped that there was a cheap solution. Fortunately I found exactly what I was looking for and it had a juicy name: Fruity Loops. I fell in love with it and been working with it ever since, never really wanting to try other software because it has got all that I need.

I've been making trance, electro, techno and ambient as well as a bit of drum and bass, triphop, dub and even medieval tunes over these past years. Variety is one of the few constants, as well as melodic tunes and a chilled out sound. Some of my tracks might rock the dance floor but primarily this is music for the listeners. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (I'm not actively producing new tunes anymore).

My primary focus was to simply enjoy making music and to listen to it myself and via this website as well as Radio Airplay and CD Baby's many distribution channels I tried to reach more people. I've linked shopping carts to iTunes after CB Baby quit their own online store but you can also buy these albums at Amazon and other online retailers.

Why The Penultimate Truth?

Just a reference to a book of one of my favorite writers. The Penultimate Truth is a Philip K Dick novel about the future in which the truth is considered less important than maintaining the comfortable lives of the elite. Some things never change, do they?