The Penultimate Truth
Who am I?

I'm Floris, a solo musician from the Netherlands. I've played piano in the past, but got bored with it. During lawschool I felt an urge to do something more creative. Around 2000, I started looking for software to create house music with, a genre I had always been interested in. It just always seemed that you needed loads of equipment to be able to make it yourself so I hoped that there was a cheap solution. Fortunately I found exactly what I was looking for and it had a cute name: Fruity Loops. I fell in love with it and been working with it ever since, never really wanting to try other software because it has got all that I need.

I've been making trance, electro, techno and ambient as well as a bit of drum and bass, triphop and dub over these past years. Variety will be the constant factor as well as melodic tunes and a chilled out sound. Some of my tunes might rock the dance floor but primarily this is music for the listeners. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. My primary focus is enjoying making music and getting it out there to you people.

Why The Penultimate Truth?

Just a reference to a book of one of my favorite writers. The Penultimate Truth is a Philip K Dick novel about the future in which the truth is considered less important than maintaining the comfortable lives of the elite (sounds familiar?).